Sunday, March 5, 2017

Be kind to you always
When we are mindful, and understand our reasons for why overeat.
we understand that we do have control
There are times when you need something, that be a problem or trigger.
Finding new ways or alternative ways, to cope can be new way to deal things as they come up for you ..
Be Kind Be Gentle....
Let this kindness be the catalyst to help you to be mindful  for change.
Listen to your body, when you ask a question
Feel the feelings and let your natural self care be what takes you
What new ways will you find for your optimal  Joy and Peace?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Be Gentle

Be Gentle today, with all that you do.  Know that when you plan and keep food that is healthy for you at home, then the ability to succeed today will be all that much greater for you .. By succeeding,  mean s that you ate the food and the took care of yourself in a way that acceptable for you ...  It doesn't mean perfection, for we are all works in progress.  Living all parts of your life in moderation. is a start.  So begin at the beginning and know you can succeed with your self care daily process.  Find some ways that work with you .. Write it down so you can remember the way to do this for you . Each person is different. So embrace all that you are and know that you are loved by all, on this universal plane.  What is your positive affirmation for starting your day today.

My end ...

Well finally summertime is over.  Almost..  Technically I guess it is over.   Its pretty hot here in New England this weekend.. Hot, Humid, Sticky, kind of like Florida in August.   I am not sure I like it being so hot in September in New England. A little cooler air would be nice, so I can breathe a bit easier.  And what does that have to do with Food Addiction.. How about a few words for getting to the heart of the reason I am writing about the hot weather in New England.  Well for one thing, would  like for the summer sugar foods to be gone so I can concentrate on wanting to prepare food that isn't so full fo sugar. Like ice cream, sugar drinks of all sorts,  shakes, frappes and the coffee drinks that call my name as i am driving by their store.Its not about will power, its not about the addictive nature of sugar.. Its the way I choose to deal with all that is on my mind and how I want to feel better, because of the heat.   Cold sugar drinks, shakes etc and other cold beverages and foods just call my name. Why because its what i have done for the past 6o years to cope with the heat and life's issues in the hot weather..
There needs to be a change I feel, in how i deal with the hot weather.  I do drink water, but lemonade is better.. I do drink ice coffee, tea,  but I am trying to stay awy from coffee drinks of all sorts,,, I am doing pretty well been a week so far.  Just working from day, not thinking of the next day or what happend yesterday.
And yes the drinks will be there during the fall and winter too, but I think the need or temptation for them may not be as inherent,.
Its all about planning and knowing what to plan for so the need for sugary food is not as great..

What types of  food / drinks keep you cool during the hot muggy summer

Here are some ideas for some cool foods:
I like fruit or veggie smoothies, or combined of veg and fruit
salads with veggies and chic peas
fruit bars, decaff ice tea, flavored or plain.

Rice salad , with chicken or ham with rice and a few spices too..
gluten free pastas salads,  cold soups, fruit salad
lemonade, seltzer water and lemon or lime
water and lemon
eggs  hard boiled eggs and cheese

So much more
So much more.. What are your favorites

I just wanted to make a shout to WEGO, who I have been helping to figure the 5 main myths of food addiction and you can help or share too...  here is the link to to participate if you so choose to do so ..

Peg Jones

Friday, July 25, 2014

Be Gentle, One day at a time

Be Gentle today, with all that you do.  Know that when you plan and keep food that is healthy for you at home, then the ability to succeed today will be all that much greater for you .. By succeeding,  mean s that you ate the food and the took care of yourself in a way that acceptable for you ...  It doesn't mean perfection, for we are all works in progress.  Living all parts of your life in moderation. is a start.  So begin at the beginning and know you can succeed with your self care daily process.  Find some ways that work with you .. Write it down so you can remember the way to do this for you . Each person is different. So embrace all that you are and know that you are loved by all, on this universal plane.  What is your positive affirmation for starting your day today.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sugar is Addictive

Sugar is not my friend.  It is sneaky and its not to be trusted in any way.
"Sugar is addictive" and ''Sugar is a drug." says Dr Mark Hyman, who is the author of , The Blood- Sugar Solution: The 10  Day Detox Diet, in his blog post, dated January, 28, 2014. titled, Confessions of a food addict,  Dr Mark Hyman's blog".
I knew this 11 years ago, when I stopped eating sugar, flour and wheat, coffee, and dairy.  The relief that, I felt in stopping those foods, saved my life at the time. I was able to keep these foods out of my diet for four years.  Then I relapsed, and after 8 years of struggle in getting back into a program again, where these foods were finally eliminated, I am finally in a place of self care and not eating these foods any longer.
It is a very hard battle to go through.  The addictive nature of these foods is very powerful.  Its taken me a few months, to start to even think of getting away from these foods.

I have been able to do this one day, one meal at a time.  For me to WANT to do this for me, and no one else, is very empowering for me too. I was able to get some help with some hypnotherapy sessions, to help me to get into the place of making this a goal for me, become a reality..  After several sessions, I found I really wanted this for myself, to stop the ingestion of sugar, flour and  wheat, coffee, and dairy.  I first stated with the flour and wheat.  A few weeks into eliminating these, I found myself eating some bread, at an restaurant, and I could stop at just one slice.  Red light moment for me, was that the is very addictive for me, I have needed to stop eating bread completely.  I have done just that.  For now I am using the brown rice cakes, and they seem to be enough for me.

The sugar is the hardest for me to get rid of .. I have improved greatly, but still have a bit here and there, I am taking a "go with the flow", attitude with this...I know that it will happen for me.  I know that we need to have natural sugar, such as fruit or a fresh fruit salad, or smoothie. This is helping me to get off the other sugars, that cause problems with me..

Any way  you look at it, sugar is like a drug. Some say its just like heroin.  There have been days, when I agree with that evaluation.  There are nutritionists, that say,  "Everything in moderation".  Is that the same as saying, to an alcoholic, "Have just a little glass of whiskey."
 Or can we come to a place where we are able to eat sugar in moderation, with out wanting to binge on this food substance?
Over the years, I have noticed that there are people that can have a whole box of candy in front of them, and eat just one, for the rest of the day. But then we know there is the opposite scenario too. Where it triggers us into not being able to stop eating the sugar.
I sometimes wonder if we can train ourselves to learn to eat sugar in moderation too, even if you are highly addicted to it.. Many times, I have noticed, I can become very impulsive, about the intake of sugar..  I may be in a place of feeling stress, or feeling down, and I can eat quite a lot of sugar in one sitting...  This is a life long pattern for me. What if got the place, where I am able to control my emotional ties with sugar and lean that if I have a small amount of something, and not take anymore?  Can I get to that place, where the connection is no longer an emotional need for the sugar, no matter what i may be feeling at a particular time..
Are there things that can be substituted, for wanting the sugar and ingesting it because it will help me to feel nourished in some way that, I think will make me better?
I am finding there are different ways I can substitute the need for sugar, for comfort because in reality the comfort is followed by guilt and by self loathing.. One of the most important things to consider is  a type of exercise you enjoy. Then there is being prepared for moments when you feel a need for the sugar intake..  Self talk before the ingestion of sugar helps too,  but many times we just dig into the sugar, with out, the consideration of self-talk, in seeing the reality of what is going to happen if we do ingest the sugar.. 

I am finding that being prepared, as far as having extra food supplies that are healthy for me, especially if i am traveling, or being aware of what is around me and know i am able to get what I need to get, if i am hungry?  Balancing your meals in a healthy way,  staying away from the refined foods helps to keep a trigger of needing sugar away from our thinking.

Practicing kind words to yourself, affirmations.  I have heard that if you write, speak/record/ and read affirmations 40 times that these become ingrained into your psyche, and you are able hear the affirmation, to help in staying away from the sugar..

Another practice is writing your food down each day in a food diary of what you will be eating for that day.
This may help with some structure, as far of what you will be eating.  Another thing you might want to consider is to keep track of the affirmations in a journal, and then write 10 things you are grateful for each night.  To keep us in this place of self - empowerment and of being grateful, can help us to not feel the deprived from not eating the foods that are triggers for us, such as sugar, flour and wheat.

I believe this all amounts, for the fact that we truly deserve to feel good about ourselves, and planning to do things that help us feeling well and healthy, trying new recipes, or using different ingredients for a  new recipe of our favorite dish or meal, can be very empowering.

So in conclusion, I want to say, that once, we realize we may have to stop eating certain foods, there is help for us in doing this.  Dr Mark Hymans website is very helpful, and there is a lot of support. His books are great and very helpful. Speaking to a nutritionist who understands food addiction and addictive foods and who can direct you to eating differently can be helpful and also considering finding groups that can help you and talking to someone in alternative healing/ medical practice. I wish you a lot of luck in reaching the goals you have for yourself. Baby steps in making these changes and being gentle with yourself can be helpful too.

Something to ponder,  What are your food triggers and how can you start to think about eliminating them from your diet?   What are positive facts of making this decision?  What can you start to do to begin this journey of self care and empowerment?  


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Food thoughts for today

Good morning everyone. 
I wrote last month I wrote about, my comeback to making changes about the food intake and my plans for implementing this program.  I am happy to say that I have done quite well with keeping with food plan and staying away from food that is not any good for me.    
This past month, I have been exploring recipes for food that doesn't include sugar, flour and wheat. And also food that doesn't have dairy and coffee.   I have found a lot of great recipes and have been using them. I have found some great soup recipes and also recipes for grains, smoothies, salads and lean mean recipes, made with chicken or sugar free sausages, turkey and pork. 
The good news is I am feeling better, and have lost about 14 lbs.  I am finding I feel alot better not eating wheat of flour and sugar too.   It seems to me that the weight has been sliding off me quite fast too.
I am enjoying the healthy food I have been planning and eating each day.  I am finally eating breakfast again and lunch each day. I have always eate
So now that I am off the sugar and the flour and wheat, the heaviness and bloating I have been feeling has dissipated and no longer have the need to have any of those food substances.
In January, my husband and I were at a local restaurant and there was delicious bread at the table.  I couldn't resist the bread. So I had some bread and found myself uncontrollably eating most of the bread in the bread basket. I realized that there was also sugar in the bread and i had a very big reaction to it, in that I was not able to stop eating the bread. When i realized what was truly going on,  I realized that bread of any sort was no longer an option for me.   I am happy to say, I have not had any bread of any type since that evening.
So its a day to day learning process.  I am finding that when I let go of a certain food, I am able to do it with the understanding that a particular food no longer an option for me.  I think when this happens, I try to do something positive for me, instead of bingeing and eating food, that will not help the decision in any way.
It is as if i am relearning how to take care of myself, when it comes to making sure I plan my food intake and eating the right food too.  

I have also introducing some walking exercise a few times a week.  I have been walking, when the weather is decent enough to being outside. There have been alot of storms and very cold weather, so its been a bit difficult.   The month of February is almost done and hopefully the weather will warm up a bit more and be less inclement, so I will be able to do more walking, for longer periods of time..

I have been reading alot about sugar and how bad it is it us.. Its being referred to, as the new heroin and I truly believe this to be true in so  many ways. 

When I ingest sugar, I immediately want more and find it difficult to stop or break away. I find it causes me to have racing thoughts, just as the bread did when I was at the restaurant a few weeks ago.  It gives me such a rush, as it does to many other people. Within 5 minutes of ingesting it, I am feeling total loathing for having eaten it.  

After experiencing the hypnotherapy and being in the mindset of finally wanting to change, its not worth eating sugar or flour or wheat.   So for today, I am not eating these foods . I have also sworn off coffee and dairy food. 

It is truly one day at a time for me, and this journey of giving up food, that doesn't serve me any longer.
But I happy I have gotten this far and doing this for me, and no one else.  
Each day, I ask the universe and my angels to help me each day for guidance and insights, so that I can continue this journey of self improvement and healthy living.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 2014

Happy New Year!!  

I am just going to make this a short post.  I am back after being away for 3 years. Has three years really gone already?  I can hardly believe this...The new year is bringing me a lot of hope for success on food intake and attitude on wanting to stop eating food that no longer services me /  It has been a total 3 year struggle of finally getting back on track .  I bartering for a few hypnotherapy sessions so that i can get back on track for my mindset in making this a success. I have been actively working quite hard with this  since before ,.. And i am seeing results and that is making me very consistent in eating what i need to eat.. I have cut our coffee, dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar and beef.
I have been making some soups and also smoothies and eating lots of beans and grains and fruit and veggies and chicken and some fish...

I let myself have a weekly treat so that i don't feel totally deprived and frustrated....  In time, i may lose this but for now its what i need.  

Next i need to incorporate exercise in my day.. 15  Minutes to begin with and i will be doing some walking in my neighborhood each day for the next week.. I am hoping to do this in the morning or in the afternoon...

Tomorrow I am making soup and and salad and also a smoothie..

For the next week i will be 

cooking dinner at least three nights this week
exercise 15 minutes per day
plan my meals and snacks for each day on sunday night
write in the blog each day of days progress
meditate and write in my spiritual journal..

Thank you all..

Have a great day and i will be back...

Peg J.